Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
Aabidah (A abidah) Worshipper. f
Aabirah (A abirah) Passer by; fragrant. f
Aafrin (Persian) Appreciation. f
Aaisha (Aaisha) Beloved wife of the Prophet of Allah. Meaning 'well living woman'. f
Aakifah A lady who worships Allah in solitude. f
Aaliah Sublime, high woman. f
Aalimah Woman scholar. f
Aamilah A woman doing good deeds. f
Aamina Secured, safe woman; the mother of the Holy Prophet. f
Aamirah A woman inhabiting in a place. f
Aanisah Young lady; virgin; unmarried or chaste woman; intact; maiden; friendly. f
Aaqilah Intelligent woman. f
Aarifah Knowing, skilled, recognizing Allah . f
Aarzoo (Urdu word) desire, wish. f
Aasimah A woman who saves others . f
Aasiyah Lady doctor. Pharaorh's wife who embraced lslam. f
Aatikah Chosen, generous; name of one of the Sahabiyyat of the Holy Prophet of Allah. f
Aatiqah Emancipated; a beautitul lady of honorable family back ground. f
Aatirah 0f good fragrance; a connoisseur of fragrance. f
Abeerah The collection of fragrances in which saffron was included. f
Abqurah Ingenuity, genius; name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Ada (Urdu word) To perform; grace; elegance; charm. f
Adhraa ('Azraa') young lady; virgin, unmarried or chaste woman; intact; maiden. f
Afeefah Pure; chaste; virtuous; modest; holy in life; of spotless character. f
Afeerah ('Afeerah) Covered with dust; of a dusty color; name of A Sahaabiyyah who participated in the war of Yarmook, f
Afraa' Earth colored; name of a Sahabiyyah. f
Afshan (Persian) Small silver or golden particles used by women to adorn their face and hair. f
Aleemah Knowing; scholar; very learned woman. f
Almaas A diamond. f
Amah A female servant; a female slave; a handmaid; a maid servant. f
Amatullah Maid servant of Allah. f
Amber ('Amber) Ambergris. f
Arneenah Trust worthy; faithful; honest. f
Amirah Princess. f
Ammaarah One who inhabits a place, having long life; name of a Sahabi. f
Amrah Head gear; turban; (Egypt) repair work; name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Aneesah Companion; an affectionate friend; name of a Sahabi. f
Angbin (Persian word) Honey f
Anizah She goat. f
Anjum (Persian) Star. f
Aqueelah ('Aqueelah) A wise and intelligent woman; a sensible woman. f
Aribah Skillful woman. f
Arjumand (Persian) Honorable; noble; worthy; blessed; possessing dignity; dear. f
Arwaa The aunt (father's sister) of the Holy Prophet f
Asmaa' Heights; name of a Sahaabiyyah, the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique; and the mother of Abdullah ibn Zubair. f
Athilah (Asilah) Strengthened; consolidated. f
Atiquah ('Atiquah, Feminine of Atique) Old; antique; free Old woman; a nobel woman; a free woman. f
Atiyyah Grant; donation; gift. f
Azeezah Dear; respected; esteemed; precious; rare; powerful. f
Azheemah Great; encompassing; dignified. f
Azra ('Adhraa) Young lady; virgin; unmarried or chaste woman; intact; maiden. f