Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
Baadiyah Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Baatinah Inner; hidden; secret; internal; name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Bahaa Beauty; brilliance; loveliness. f
Bahaar (Persian word) spring; prime; bloom; beauty; glory; elegance; delight; enjoyment; flourishing state; fine landscape. f
Bakht (Persian word) Luck; good fortune; prosperity; lot; portion. f
Bakhtaawar (Persian) Fortunate; lucky. f
Baqilah Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Barakat Blessing. f
Bareerah Virtuous; narne of a famous Sahaabiyyah. f
Barrah Aunt of the Holy Prophet; name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Barsa' Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Basbasah Name of a Sahabi who was present in the battle of Badr and Name of a fema!e narrator of Ahadith. f
Basheerah Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Batool A virgin; a pure and chaste woman devoted to God (usually applied to Maryam and to Hazrat Fatimah). f
Bilqees A queen of Saba in the days of Hazrat Sulaimaan, mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. f
Bina (Beena) the Persian word; person who can see. f
Bismah Smile. f
Buhaisah Name of a Sahaabiyyah; name of a Raviyyah. who narrated Hadith. f
Bushra Glad tiding; good news. f