Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
Faadilah (Faazilah) Accomplished; virtuous; accomplished; a female scholar. f
Faa'izah Successfui; prosperous; victorious. f
Faakhirah Elegant; splendid; proud. f
Faakihah Fruits. f
Faari'ah Tall, handsome, slender; name of aSahaabiyyah; Her second name was Furai'ah. f
Faatihah Beginning; introduction; preface; opener; conqueror. f
Faatimah A great blessing. The lovely daughter of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him. f
Faazilah (Faadilah) Accomplished; virtuous; accomplished; a female scholar. f
Fadeelah (Fazeelah) Superiority; attribute; value. f
Faheemah Intelligent; learned. f
Fahmeedah (Persian); lntelligent; wise. f
Fakeeaha Cheerful; amusing; happy; humorous. f
Fakhitah A dove; a ringed turtle dove; the name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Fakhr Pride; a thing to be proud of; suitabte name Fakhrun-nisaa'. f
Faoz Success; victory; advantage; gain; salvation. f
Farah Joy; gladness; cheerfulness. f
Fareedah Unique; precious; having no equal; incomparable. f
Farhanah Glad; joyful. f
Farhat Delight; pleasure; joy; cheerfulness; amusement; recreation; diversion. f
Farihah Happy; pleased. f
Farkhandah (Persian) Happy; fortunate. f
Farqad Two bright stars of Ursa Minor; name of a star; name of a scholar. f
Farrukh Happy; fortunate; auspicious; beautiful. f
Farwah Fur; name of a Sahaabiyyah; and also name of a Sahabi who took part in the battlc of Badr. f
Faseehah Eloquent. f
Fateenah Intelligent; sagacious. f
Fatimah Daughter of the Prophet. f
Fauziah Virtuous; successful; one who has attained salvation. f
Fazeelah (Fadeelah) Superiority; attribute; value. f
Feeroozah A precious stone; Turquoise. f
Fiddah (Fizzah); Silver; name of a maid servant of Hazrat Faatimh. f
Firdous A garden; paradise. f
Fizzah (Fiddah); Silver; name of a maid servant of Hazrat Faatimah. f
Foziah (Persian) Successful. f
Furai'ah Handsome, tall; name of a Sahaabiyyah; her second name was Faari'ah. f
Fusaila Little, distant; name of a female narrator of Hadith; daughter of Wathilah ibn Asqa a well known sahabi. f
Fuzail (Fudail) A form of Faazil, meaning an accompiished person. f