Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
Ma'soomah Innocent; protected. f
Maahirah Skillful; able; experienced. f
Maajidah Glorious; honorable; generous; splendid. f
Maalikah Owner. f
Maariya A lady with fair complexion; The bond maid of the Holy Prophet. f
Madhat Praise. f
Mahfoozah (Mahfoozhah) Secured; protected; safe. f
Mahmoodah Praiseworthy; praised; elegant. f
Maimoona (Maimoonah) Fortunate; auspicious; prosperous. Name of Ummul mu'mineen, the wife of the Holy Prophet. f
Majeedah Glorious; honorable; generous; splendid. f
Maknoonah Hidden; concealed. f
Maleehah Salty; nut brown; of dark brown color, agreeable; sweet; charming; beautiful; graceful. f
MaIeekah Queen. Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Malikah A queen. f
Mansoorah Aided; protected; defended; victorious; conquering; triumphant; succored. f
Marjanah A precious stone; name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Maryam Name of the mother of Hadrat 'Isaa (Jesus) peace be upon him; its equivalent in English is Mary. f
Mashhoodah Attested; proved; evidence; clear; manifest; present. f
Masuoodah Present; manifest. f
Mateenah Firmed; constant; solid; a woman who has depth in her thoughts. f
Mehtaab The moon. f
Miskeenah Humble. f
Mu'eenah An assistant; a helper; an aid. f
Mu'eerah A girl who gives a borrowing. f
Mu'minah The believer; one who embraced Islam by heart. f
Mu'nisah A Companion; a comrade; an associate. f
Mu'aazah (Muadhah) Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Mubaarakah Auspicious; blessed; august; sacred; holy; happy; fortunate. f
Mubash'shirah A bearer of glad tidings or good news. f
Mubassirah An analyst; critic. f
Mubeenah A woman who makes something ciear. f
Mugheethah She who helps, rescues, relieves. f
Muhsinah A benefactor; a patron. f
Mujeebah (Mujibah) One who answers; one who accepts or grants something. f
Mukarrmah Honorable; graceful; excellant. f
Mumtaaz Outstanding; distinguished; exalted; illustrious; eminent; chosen. f
Munawwarah Brilliant; illuminated; enlightened; splendid. f
Muneebah One who turns to Allah; a master; a patron; an agent; a client. f
Muneerah Brilliant; splendid; illuminating; enlightened; splendid. f
Munjiyah A woman who saves someone. f
Munyah Wish; desire. f
Muqaddasah Holy; sacred. f
Murdiyyah (Murziyah) Chosen; liked; approved; desirable; pleasing; laudable; favorite. f
Muslimah Submitting to Allah, a Muslim woman. f
Musta ' een ah Praying for help; soliciting aid. f
Muzainah A small drizzling cloud; name of a Sahaabiyyah; name of an Arab tribe. f
Muznah A drizzling cloud; name of a Sahaabiyyah f