Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
Na'eemah Ease; comfort; grace; blessing. f
Naa'ilah Earner; winner. f
Naadirah Rare; choice; precious. f
Naadirah (Nazirah) One with healthy and happy looks; a bright face reflecting luster and freshness. f
Naafi'ah ProfitabIe; advantageous; useful; beneficial; good. f
Naajidah Courageous; a lady who accomplishes difficult tasks; one who appeals for help or takes liberties. f
Naajiya One who saves oneself; One who gets salvation. f
Naashirah A helper; a friend. f
Naashitah Lively; brisk; active; energetic. f
Naasihah An advisor; a sincere friend; a monitor; a counselor; a faithful minister; giving sound advice. f
Naasirah A helper; a friend. f
Naayaab (Persian) Rare; precious. f
Naazhimah (Naazimah) Administrator; manager. f
Naazhirah (Naazirah) Fresh; spectator; seer. f
Nabeelah Beautiful; intelligent; dexterous. f
Nada Dew, drizzle. f
Nadeemah A Companion; friend. f
Nafeesah Precious; choice; exquisite; delicate; refined; pure. f
Nageenah (Persian) Precious stone. f
Najeebah Excellent; noble; generous; praiseworthy. f
Najeedah Brave; a lady who accomplishes difficult tasks. f
Najm Star; a planet. f
Najmah A star; planet. f
Nakhat Perfume; scent. f
Naqeebah A leader; guide; director; dean; principle. f
Nargis (Persian) Narcissus; a f!ower. f
Naseemah Air; breeze, f
Naseerah A helper; a friend. f
Nashaat Gladness; joy; pleasure; cheerfulness; sprightliness. f
Nasreen (Persian) A wild rose; the jonquil. f
Nawailah A gift. f
Naweed Good news; glad tidings; invitation to a wedding (to kinsfo!k and brethren). f
Nayyirah Luminary; shedding light; a bright star. f
Nazaakat (Persian) Delicacy; neatness; elegance; politeness; softness. f
Nadheerah Anything offered as a token of respect; anything given as sacrrifice; a child who has ben dedicated by his or her parents to servant Allah. f
Nazheefah (Nazeefah) Pure; neat; clean; legal. f
Nazheerah (Nazeerah) Example; instance; precedent. f
Nee!ofar (Persian) The lotus; water-lily. f
Ni'mat Blessing; boon; grace; comforts of life. f
Noshaabah (Persian) Water of life; e!ixir. f
Nudrat Uniqueness; singularity; rareness. f
Nusrat Help; victory. f
Nuzhat Freshness; pleasure; delight; cheerfulness; purity. f