Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
Ra'eesah Leader; chief; princess; a noble lady; a wealthy lady; rich. f
Ra'naa Moving gracefully; lovely; beautiful; graceful; delicate; tender. f
Raa'iqhah Charming. f
Raabi'a Residing peacefully; name of a Sahaabiyyah ; name of a saint who is known as Rabiah Basriyyah. f
Raabitah Connection; one who connects between two things. f
Raafi'ah High; exalted; wealthy. f
Raahat Comfort; rest; ease; tranquillity; relief; pleasure. f
Raahilah A traveling woman. f
Raani (Urdu) A queen. f
Raashidah Pious; follower of the right path. f
Raaziyah (Raadiyah) Agreed; willing; satisf1ed; pleased. f
Rabee'ah A bounding in green foliage. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr. f
Radiyyah (Raziyyah) Pleased; delighted; contented. f
Rafee'ah High; exalted sublime; elevated. f
Rafeeqah Friend; associate; Companion; a soft and kind- hearted lady. f
Raheemah Kind; affectionate. A sweet-smelling flower; name of a Sahabi. f
Raitah Quilt, comforter; name of many Sahabiyyaat. f
Rakheelah Kids, female child of sheep; name of a Sahabi. f
Rakhshaan (Persian) Dazzling; resplendent. f
Rakhshindah (Persian) Bright; resplendent. f
Rameesah Hidden, covered; name of a Sahabiyyah. f
Ranieethah Wise; name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Ramlah Sand; name of Ummul mu'mineen Hazrat Umm Habibah, the wife of the Prophet. f
Raodah (Raozah) Park. f
Raqeebah Guardian. f
Rashaad Guidance; a righteous life. f
Rasheedah Follower of the right pat , intelligent. f
Raunaq (Persian) Luster; brightness; elegance beauty; symmetry; color; splendor; freshness; flashing state or condition. f
Raushan (Persian) Bright; luster; shining. f
Rawahah Departure, going, ease, comfort, relax; name of a person. f
Razeenah Sedate, gentle, noble, solemn, sober, calm, self- possessed, unruffled. Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Ribqah The wife of Hazrat Ishaaq (Ishacc) peace be upon him, a Prophet of Allah Almighty. f
Rida (Rizaa) Pleasure; contentment; approval; pleasure; contentment; approval; leave; permission; assent. f
Ridwaanah (Rizwaanah); Please; delighted; content. f
Rifa'at Highness; elevation; dignity. f
Romaan Name of a Sahabi. Meaning desirous. f
Rufaidah Gift; name of a Sahaabiyyah who gave treatment to the injured in a hut of the mosque. f
Rukhailah Kids, female child of sheep; name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr. f
Rukhsaanah (persian) Name of a girl. f
Rumaithah Wise, Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Rummanah A pomegranate. f
Ruqayyah Progress, rise. The daughter of the Holy Prophet. f