Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
Sa'aadat (Sa'aadah) Fortune; blessings; victory. f
Sa'diyah Blessed; Title of the lady who had breast fed the Messenger of Allah .Full name is Halimah Sa'diah. f
Sa'eedah Fortunate; lucky. f
Saa'imah Fasting woman. f
Saa'irah Traveler, going on, current; name of a Sahabi. f
Saa'irah Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Saabiqah Precedent; one who comes first in a race; name of a Saliabi who was the servant of the Holy Prophet. f
Saabirah Patient; tolerant. f
Saadiqhah True; sincere; faithful; veracious; a woman of lier word. f
Saahibah Friend; colleague. f
Saahirah Earth; moon; a spring which flows constantly. f
Saajidah Prostrating in prayer (salah); one who makes sajdah. f
Saalifah Previous, last. Saalihah; Pious, righteous. f
Saalikah Following; proceeding. f
Sarah Happy, glad. The wife of Hazrat Ibrahim ,the Prophet of Allah. f
Saariyah Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Sarra A lady whose carming manner causes joy and happiness. f
Sabaa A gentle breeze; an easterly breeze; a morning breeze; zephyr. f
Sabaahat Beauty; gracetulness; comeliness. f
Sabeehah Beautiful; handsome. f
Sadaaqat Truth. f
Sadaf Shell; a mother of pearl. f
Safeenah A boat; name of a slave of the Prophet. f
Safeerah Counsel; messenger; deputy. f
Safoorah Name of the wife of Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him). f
Safiyyah Chosen; name of Ummul mu'mineen, the wife of the Holy Prophet. f
Sagheerah Little; short. f
Sahar Morning, magic, enhancement; name of a Sahabi. f
Sahlah Name of a Sahaabiyyah, Easy; convenient. f
Sakeenah Contentment; accord; pleasure. f
Sakhaawat Generosity; liberality; munificence; charity. f
Salaamah Salvation; peace; free from blemish; ease; name of a Sahabi f
Saleemah Perfect; healthy. f
Salmaa Safe; free; sound, healthy. f
Saman (Thaman) Price; fare; cost. f
Samar (Thamar) Fruit. f
Samee'ah Hearing; she who hears. f
Sameenah (Thameenah) Expensive; precious; costly; dear. f
Sameenah A healthy girl; fertile land without rock and stone. f
Sameerah Companion in nightly entertainment, conversation partner; entertainer. f
Sanaa (Thana) Praise of God. f
Sanaubar A cone-bearing tree; pine-tree; Juniper. f
Sanjeedah (Persian) Calm; grave; matured, weighty,considerate; composed; serious; approved. f
Sarwaat (Tharwat) Wealth; power; influence; affiuence. f
Sarwar (Persian) A chief; a leader; lord; master. f
Sarwari (Persian) Chief; ship; sovereignty; rule; sway. f
Sayyidah Name of the wife of Hazrat Ismaa'il (Ishmeel) peace be upon him, a Prophet of Allah. f
Seema Sign; Face; forehead; similitude; countenance; aspect. f
Saudah Black color, leading, ability; name of one of the honorable wives of the Holy Prophet. f
Seemeen (Persian) of silver; silvery; white. f
Shaad (Persian) Happy; pleased. f
Shaadan (Persian) Happy; pleased. f
Shaafi'ah One who deprecates; one who intercedes; advocate; patron; a mediator. f
Shaaheen A royal white falcon. f
Shaaheenah A royal white falcon. f
Shaahidah One who bears witness; a deponent. f
Shaaistah (Persian) Polite. f
Shaakirah Grateful; thankful; content; praising; one who gives due appreciation. f
Shaariqah Radiant; shining. f
Shabeehah Similar; picture; portrait; likeness image; resemblance. f
Shabnam (Persian) Dew; a kind of fine linen. f
Shafee'ah Advocate; patron; intercessor. f
Shafeeqah Affectionate; compassionate; a kind hearted friend. f
Shafqat Kindness; affection; favor; mercy; clemency; compassion; condolence. f
Shaguftah (Persian) Expanded; blown; blooming; flourishing. f
Shaheerah Eminent; famous, popular. f
Shahlaa' Having gray eyes with a shade of red; a species of Nacissus flower. f
Shahnaaz (Persian) Name of a flower. f
Shajarah Tree; name of an Egyptian woman ruler. f
Shajaratuddurr Name of an Egyptian woman ruler. f
Shajee'ah Brave; bold; courageous. f
Shakeelah Pretty girl. f
Shama' A lamp; a candle. f
Shamaailah Good qualities; virtues; excellencies; talents; dispositions; customs; northerly winds or regions. f
Shamaamah The fragrance of scent; perfume. f
Shameelah Good quality; virtue; exceilence; talent; disposition; custom; northerly winds or regions. f
Shameemah Fragrant; scent; a sweet-smelling breeze; lofty. Name Shameemah. f
Shamoodah Diamond. f
Shaqeeqah Real sister. f
Shareefah Noble, eminent ; legitimate; chief of a tribe; one with honorable family back ground; urbane. f
Shareefah Noble; holy; modest; humble. f
Shareekah Participant, partner. f
Sharfaa' A most noble and honorable lady; name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Sheereen (Persian) Sweet; name of a queen of Iran. f
Shu'aa The rays of the sun; sunshine; light; luster; splendor. f
Siddeeqah Truthful; righteous. f
Sidrah Name of a tree. Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Sitaarah (Persian) Star; a planet. f
Sughraa Small; slender; tender. f
Suhailah The star Canopus; the star. f
Sukainah Diminutive of Sakeenah ; meaning is the same as Sakeenah. f
Sultaanah Queen; empress. f
Sumairaa' Of a brownish color; name of a Sahaabiyyah f
Sumayyah Exalted, high. Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Surayyaa Cluster of seven brilliant stars in Taurus, commonly known as the seven sisters; a wealthy lady; luster; chandelier. f
Suwaibah (Thuwaibah) Name of the woman who breastfed the Holy Prophet in his infancy. f