Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
TaaMbah One who refrains from evil-doings; repentant. f
Taabaan (Persian) Resplendent; splendid; glittering; refulgent; burning. f
Taahirah Clean. f
Taaj Crown. f
Taali'ah Rising; star. f
Taalibah A seeker; an inquirer; a lover. f
Taaraa (Urdu) Star. f
Tabssum Smiling; a smite. f
Tahseenah Approbation; applause; acclamation; cheers. f
Tal'at Appearance; countenance; face aspect. f
Tamannaa Desire; wish; want. f
Tanweer Illuminating; enlightening; iilumination. f
Tarannum A kind of song; modulation. f
Tawoos A peacock. f
Taybah Pure; chaste; pious; clean. f
Tayyibah Good. f
Thaman (Saman) Price; lare; cost. f
Thamar (Samar) Fruit, f
Thameenah (Sameen) Expensive; precious; costly; dear. f
Thanaa' Praise; applause; eulogy. f
Tharwat Wealth; power; influence; affluence. f
Thubaitah Brave. Name of a Sahaabiyyah f
Thurayya Cluster of seven brilliant stars in Taurus, commonly known as the seven sisters; a wealthy lady; luster; chandelier. f
Thuwaibah Name of a Sahaabiyyah, name of the lady who had breast-fed the Holy Prophet, Muhammad during his infancy. f
Tooba Glad tiding; good news. f