Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
Waahibah Giver; generous. f
Waahidah One; unique. f
Waajidah A woman, who finds something, a happy woman. f
Waaliyah The female Governor; she who directs; manages; conducts; governs; measures. f
Waarithah (Waarisah) An heir; a master; a lord; an owner; a successor. f
Waasifah Describing. f
Waasilah Joining; connecting. f
Waheebah Giver; generous. f
Waheedah Unique; singular; unparalleled; alone. f
Wajahat High position; dignity; respcct; respectability; appearance. f
Wajihah Of a good appearance; handsome; respectable. f
Wakaalat Leadership; advocacy; attomeyship; embassy; agency; commission; proxy. f
Wakcelah (Wakilah) The Trustee; the agent. f
Waqaar Dignity; grace. Name Waqaarunnisaa. f
Wardah Rose. f
Waseefah Servant; praiscd. f
Waseemah Of a fine countenance; handsome. f
Wazeerah A female minister of state. f