Girl Names

Name Meaning Gender
Zaahidah Abstinent; lacking mundane ambitions. f
Zaaiirah Visitor; guest. f
Zaakirah (Dhaakirah) One who constantly praises and remembers Allah Almighty. f
Zaaminah (Daaminah) One who stands surety for another who helps. f
Zahra Beautiful; also the name of the lady of Jannah, Faatimah. f
Zahrah The planet Venus; beauty; virtue; elegance; splendor. f
Zaib (Persian) Adornment; beauty; elegance. f
Zaibaa (Persian) Adorned; beaulitul; becoming; befitting; proper; graceful. f
Zain Adornment; beauty; grace; honor; to beautify; to decorate. f
Zaitoon The olive tree or the olive fruit. f
Zaitoonah Singular of Zaitoon meaning an olive. f
Zakiyyah (Dhakiyyah) One who has a sharp mtnd and keen perception; intelligent. f
Zameelah Friend; colleague. f
Zarecnah Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Zarqaa Blue color. f
Zeenat Beauty; elegance; adornment. f
Zaafirah Virtuous; conqueror. f
Zaahirah Apparent; evident; bright. f
Zafeerah Of firm and resolute intention. f
Zhaheerah Assistant; supporter. f
Zhareefah Polite; witty; ingenious; good. f
Zineerah Name of a Sahaabiyyah. f
Zubaidah Name of the wife of the Caliph Haroon ur-Rasheed. f
Zubdah Butter. f
Zuhairaa Diminutive of Zahraa; spirit; courage; power; freshness; flower. f
Zuhrah The planet Venus; beauty; virtue; elegance; splendor. f
Zulaikhaa Name of the famous woman in the days of Hazrat Yousuf (peace be upon him), a Prophet of Allah. f