Boy Names

Name Meaning Gender
Aabid Worshipper m
Adam First Prophet of Allah and first human being sent to the earth. m
Aadil Just; upright; sincere; attribute of the Holy Prophet m
Aalam World; suitable combination:Muhammad Aalam, Fakhr 'Alam. m
Aali Sublime, high. m
Aalim Scholar ,knowing, m
Aamil Doer, work man. m
Aamir Civilized; flourishing; prosperous. m
Aaqib A good successor, follower. m
Aaqil lntelligent. m
Aarif Knowing, skilled, recognizing Allah. m
Aashiq Lover. m
Aashir Living; spending a life. m
Aasif It was the name of the minister of Hazrat Sulaimaan, the Prophet of Allah. m
Aasim Keeper, guardian, protector. m
Autif Kind, affectionate; compassionate. m
Aatiq Free: liberated; independent; name: Aatiq Ali;Muhammad Aatiq. m
Aaus Name of a number of Sahabah e.g. Aus ibn Thabit: Aus ibn Saamit, Aus ibn Kholy. m
Aazim Intending; determining: resolvedon: applying the mind to an undertaking m
Abaan More visible, distinct. Name of a great Muhaddith, scholar of Hadith. m
Abbaad Great worshipper of Allah. m
Abbaas Gloomy look. Name ofthe uncle of the Holy Prophet and well-known Sahabi. m
Abdul-Ahad Slave of the One: unique; without partner; Al Ahad is one of the attributes of Almighty m
Abdul-Khaaliq Slave of the Creator; one who creates things from non-existence. m
Abdullah Slave of Allah; favorite name of the Holy Prophet; the Holy Prophet liked this name for a Muslim child. m
Abdul~Qadeer Slave of the Powerful; mighty. m
Abdul-Qayyoom Slave of the Everlasting; Al-Qayyoom is an attribute applied to Allah m
Abdul-Qahhaar Slave of the Subduing; He who is victorious and dominant in a way that He can do anything He wills. m
AbduI-Quddoos Slave of the One who is freefrom any physical and moral defects; blessed; pious; and celestial person; AI-Quddoos is an attribute applied to Allah. m
Abdul-Wahhab Slave of the One who gives charity etc. abundantly. m
Abdur Rahmaan Slave of Rahmaan, the Most Beneficent; the Holy Prophet liked this m
Abdur-Rabb Slave of the the Sustainer; master. m
Abdus-Samad Slave of the Eternal; Slave of the One who is need-free and the only Being to apply to if one has any need to be completed or any troubles to be eliminated. m
Abdus-Sattaar Slave of the One who conceals faults by the veil of His Mercy. m
Aboo Mahdhoorah Name of one Companion of the Prophet of Allah. m
Abraar Plural of birr: virtue, piety. m
Abtahi One who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah. m
Abu 'Ubaidah A great Sahabi of the Prophet, peace be upon him; one of the ten Companions whom the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) has declared as the people of Jannah. m
Abu Ayyoub Popular Sahabi of the Prophet of Allah; when the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, migrated to Madinah, he hosted him in his home for some days. m
Abu Bakr Famous Sahabi; First Caliph of the Prophet m
Abu Darda' Famous Sahabi of Rasoolullah, peace be upon him. m
Abu Hanifa A great scholar and jurist of Islamic law. m
Abu Mas'ood A great Sahabi who participated in the battle ofBadr. m
Abu Moosa A well-known Sahabi; his full name was Abu Moosa Al-Ash'ari. m
Abu Sa'eed A well-known Sahabi; his full name was Abu Sa'eed Khudri. m
Abu Taalib The uncle of the Holy Prophet and the father of Hazrat Ali m
Abu Yousuf Name of a great jurist and pupil of Imaam Abu Hanifah m
Abu Dhar A great Sahabi of the Prophet of Allah. m
Abu Hudhaifah A famous Sahabi of Rasoolullah, peace be upon him. m
Abu Hurairah A great Sahabi who is the narrator of many Ahadith (traditions). m
Abul Haitham A Sahabi; also a great scholar of history. m
Abul Kalaam A great scholar, well known politician . m
Abul Yusr A great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr. m
Abu Talha A great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr. m
Abu Turaab One of the names of Hazrat 'Ali. m
Adeeb Literary person. m
Adeel Equal; like. m
Adi A Sahabi of the Prophet of Allah; and son of Haatirn Taai, a person famous for his generosity ; his full name was 'Adiyy ibn Haatim. m
Adl Justice. m
Adnaan Name of a leader of the tribe of Quraish. The Holy Prophet was from this tribe. m
Afdaal Plural of Fadl, superiority. m
Afdal Superior and exceflent. m
Aflah Having much prosperity and success in the world and hereafter. m
Afuww The Pardoner; He who pardons all who repent sincerely as if they had no previous sin. It is an attribute of Allah; therefore the best combination is Abdul Affuww. m
Afzaal (Afdaal) Plural, of Fazl, superiority. m
Afzal (Afdal) Superior and excellent. m
Ahad The One; the best name is Abdul Ahad. m
Ahmad More praiseworthy, more commendable. Name of the last Prophet of Allah Almighty. m
Ahmar Red colored. m
Ajmal The most beautitul; pretty. m
Ajwad More generous; bountiful; magniticent; gracious. m
Akbar Bigger. m
Akhlaaq Plural of Khuluq, Behavior; comportment; conduct; m
Akhtar (Persian) A star; a consteilation; good omen; m
Akmal More complete; more pertect; integral. m
Akram Nobler; more distinguished; more precious; most honorable; most generous. m
Aleem The All knowing, He who has all knowledge. Name Abdu Aleem. m
Ali The Most High, He who is the highest ; an attribute applied to Allah; name of famous Companion of the Prophet, peace be upon him, Suitable combination Abdul Ali; Muhammad Ali. m
Amaan Safety; security; immunity; quarter; grace;mercy; protection. m
Amcen Safe; secure; reliable; honest; trustworthy; faithful; loyal ; (authorized) representative or agent; trustee; superintendent; keeper; custodian; head chief; chamberlain. m
Ameer Commander; emir; prince; commander of the Faithful; caliph. m
Ammaar One who inhabits a place having long life; a famous Sahabi known as Ammaar ibn Yaasir. m
Amr Life (of a person; used in oaths only); a famous Sahabi known as Amr ibn Al-Aas. m
Anas Intimate. A great Sahabi of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Many Traditions are narrated by him. m
Anees Intimate; friendly; sociable; civii; polite; close; intimate friend. m
Anwaar (Plural of Noor) Lights; glow; gleams. m
Anwar Brighter; Luminous; radiant; shinning; enlightening. m
Aqeel A wise and intelligent man; a sensible man. m
Areeb Skillful; adroit. m
Arsalaan (Turkish) Lion. m
Arshad Rightly-guided; having the true faith; more sober; grave; most conscious; most sensible; intelligent; of full legal age. m
Arshaq Handsome; one with a befitting height and a well-proportioned body. m
As'ad Happier; more lucky; felicitous; fortunate. m
Asad Lion. m
Asghar Shorter; smaller; tiniest; more diminutive. m
Ash'ab Lion; difficult; strict. m
Ashaath Scattered; spread about irregularly. m
Ashfaaq (Plural of Shafaq) Evening twilight. m
Ashraf Nobler; more eminent; more honorable m
Askar Troop. m
Aslam Safer; more free; sounder; healthier. m
Ata' .IUp Grant; Donation. m
Ateeq Old; antique; aged; free, emancipated. m
Athar Cleaner/ Cleanest; pure; spotless. m
Auf Guest, fragrance, lion, condition; name of a Sahabi. m
Aun Helping. m
Ayman Right; right hand; on the right; lucky. m
Ayyoob A famous Prophet of Allah Almighty. Job and Iyov are the anglicized form from the Hebrew, meaning oppressed. m
Azeem Great; big, large. m
Azham Greatest. m
Azhar Glittering; blooming; a face full of light. m
Azh'har More visible; distinct; obvious; clear; evident. m
Azhmat Greatness; Largeness; magnitude; amplitude. m
Aziz Dear; beloved; respected; esteemed; precious; powerful; rare; an attribute of Allah Almighty. m