Boy Names

Name Meaning Gender
Baahir Prevailing. m
Baaqi The Everlasting; perpetual ; an attribute of Allah. Name Abdul-Baaqi. m
Baari Creator, one of the attributes of Almighty Allah. m
Baarr Just; pious. m
Baasim Smiling; happy. m
Baasit One who confers of prosperity ; one of the attributes of Allah. Name Abdul-Baasit. m
Baatin Inner; hidden; secret; internal. m
Baayazeed The name of a king known as Baayazeed Yaldarim. m
Badee' Novel, Rare; one of the Attributes of Allah. Name Abdul-Badee. m
Badr Full moon. m
Baha' Beauty; elegance; excellence; it also means in Persian value. Names Bahaa'uddeen; Bahaa'ul-haq. m
Bahhath Examiner; research scholar. Name of a great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr. m
Baleegh Eloquent; learned. m
Baleel Moisture. Name of a Sahabi who was Present in the battle of Uhud. m
Baqir Well learned; fierce; lion; a very wealthy man;the title of Imam Aboo Jafar. m
Baraa' Free. Name of a Sahabi. m
Barakat Blessing. m
Baree Free; Free from the Hell. m
Barr Just; pious. Name of Sahabi who was present inthe battle of Badr and Name of narrator of Hadith m
Baseer Wise; gracious; Allah's attribute; name Abdul-Baseer; Baseer Ahmed. m
Basheer Bearer of good news. m
Basrah Name of a Sahabiyah; dry land. m
Bassaam Frequently smiling; name of a narrator of Hadith m
Batin The Hidden; Allah's attribute. m
Bilaal Successful. Name of a famous Sahabi who recited Adhaan in the days of the Holy Prophet m
Bishr Happiness; good news; name of a Sahabi known as Bishr al-Hafi. m
Bujair Name of a Sahabi who known as Bujair ibn Bujair was present in the battle of Badr. m
Buraid Chilly, cold, cool, light, mild, easy. Name of a Sahabi and narrator of Hadith m
Buraidah Name of a Sahabi known as Buraidah ibn Husaib; name of a place situated in Saudi Arabia, m
Burhaan Argument; proof; evidence. m