Boy Names

Name Meaning Gender
Faaiq Superior; excellent; surpassing. m
Faakhir Excellent; precious; honorable. m
Faakih Funny; humorous; name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr. m
Faarooq One who distinguishes between right andwrong; the title of Hazrat Umar, the second Caliph of Islam. m
Faatih Opener; beginner; conqueror. m
Faazil (Faadil) An accomplished person ;a schoiar. m
Faheem Intelligent; learned; knowing. m
Faisal Judge; decided; settled. m
Faiz (Faid) Liberality; grace; favor; bounty;abundance. m
Faizaan (Faidaan) Beneficence; generosity; abundance; overflow; benefit. m
Fakeeh Cheerful; amusing; happy; humorous. m
Fakhr Glory; pride; a thing to be proud of. m
Faoz Success; victory; advantage; gain; salvation. m
Faqeeh One well versed in religious laws; jurist. m
Faraasat Perception; discernment; sagacity; understanding; insight. m
Faraaz (Persian) Ascent; height; elevation. adj. High ;aloft; exalted; lofty; exaiting; elevating; ascending. m
Fareed. Unique; precious; having no equal; incomparable. m
Farhaan Glad; joyful. m
Farqad Two bright stars of Ursa Minor. Name of a star, name of a scholar, m
Farrukh Happy; fortunate; auspicious; beautiful. m
Faseeh Eloquent. m
Fattaah One who attains victory; an attribute of AllahAlmighty . Name Abdul Fattah. m
Fauzaan Successful; victorious; advantageous. m
Fazl (Fadl) Excellence; virtue; superiority; increase;excess; reward; grace; bounty; wisdom. m
Fidaa Redemption; devoting one's self to save anotlier;ransom; suitable combination for names Fidaa'ur-Rahmaan; Fida' Muhammad. m
Fu'aad The heart. m
Furqaan A criterion (for distinguishing truth from falsehood). Another name for the Qur'an since it distinguishes truth from falsehood. m
Fuzail (Fudail) A form of Faazil meaning anaccomplished person. m