Boy Names

Name Meaning Gender
Ibrahim Name of the well-known Prophet of Allah and name of Hazrat Muhammad's (S) son. Ibrahimis originally Hebrew meaning Father of mighty nation, father of multitude and accepted of God. m
Idrees Name of a well-known Messenger of Allah. m
Ieethaar (Isaar) Sacrifice; selflessness. m
Ihsaan Doing good; beneficence; kindness; favor. m
Ihtiraam Honor; veneration; treating with respect. m
Ihtishaam Having many followers or dependents; magnificence. m
Ikhlaas Sincerity; purity; love; tenderness; pure friendship; great affection; selfless adoration or worship, m
Ikraam Honoring; treating with attention; and ceremony; esteem; veneration; respect; deference; kindness; favor. m
Ikifaat Regard; attention; kindness; courtesy; consideration; friendship; inclination. m
Ilyas Name of a Prophet of Allah Almighty; and the name of a great scholar. m
Imaad ('Imaad) Foundation; pillar. m
Imam Spiritual or religious leader (of Muslims) . m
Imran Population; name of the father of Sayyidna Musa and Sayyidna Haroon and Hazrat Maryam. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr and known as Imran ibn Hussain. m
Imtiyaaz Discernment; pre-eminence; distinction; preference. m
In'aam A present; gift; prize; gratuity; reward; favor; grant. m
Intezaar To wait. m
Intikhaab Seiection; to choose. m
Iqbaal Prosperity; good fortune; luck; success; felicity; name of the great philosopher poet of India m
Iqtidaar Power; authority; influence; eminence; dignity; rank. m
Irfaan Recognition; knowledge; discernment; science; wisdom. m
Irshaad Instruction; command; behest; order; direction; will; pleasure. m
Isa Name of a Prophet of Allah Almighty. It is an anglicized form of Jesus from Hebrew. The meaning in Hebrew is God is salvation. m
Ishaaq Name of a Prophet of Allah; father of Hazrat Yousuf. Its equivalent in the English language is Jacob which is anglicized from the Yaakov, from the Hebrew meaning protected. m
Ishrat Pleasure; enjoyment; delight; mirth; society; pleasant and familiar conversation. m
Ishtiyaaq Longing; craving; yearning; desire; liking; fondness; eagerness; strong inclination. m
Iskandar Alexander m
Islaam (Lit. Submission to Allah) the religion of Islam. m
Israa'eel (Lit. One chosen by God) a servant of God; the surname of Yaqoob (Jacob). m
Itbaan Censured, blamed. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr. m
Iyaas Compensation, present, gift. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr. m
Iyaaz Generous, bountiful a person who gives compensation. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr. m
Izzat Honor; esteem; integrity. m