Boy Names

Name Meaning Gender
litikhaar To be proud of. m
Laaiq Skillful; eligible. capable of; able. m
Labeeb Intelligent; brilliant. m
Labeed Intelligent; brilliant. Name of a Sahabi. m
La'eeq Skillful; subtle; eligible; capable of; able. m
Lateef Delicious; delicate; subtle agreeable; fine; courteous; elegant; benevolent; also an attribute applied to Allah Almighty. m
Liyaqat Worth; ability; fitness; capability; capacity; aptitude; merit; skill. m
Loot (Lut) Name of a Prophet of Allah. m
Luqmaan Name of a well known person as a sage; philosopher. m
Lutf Enjoyment; entertainment; bounty. Name Lutfullah. m