Boy Names

Name Meaning Gender
Na'eem Ease; comfort; grace; blessing. m
Naabigh Distinguished; talented; man of genius, brilliant person. m
Naadir Rare; wonderful; uncommon; unique; precious; unusual; curious. m
Naadir (Naazir) Fresh. m
Naafi' One who benefits others. m
Naaib A vice; a deputy; delegate; vice-regent; attorney; assistant. m
Naaji Saver. m
Naajid One who helps; brave. m
Naaqid A critic; a reviewer; a fault-finder. m
Naashit Lively; brisk; active; energetic. m
Naasih An advisor; a sincere friend; a monitor; a counselor; a faithful minister; giving sound advice. m
Naasir A helper; a friend ;name of a well known emperor; name of a Sahabi. m
Naatiq Speaker; a rational being; Decisive; rational; definite. m
Naayaab (Persian) Rare; precious. m
Naazhim (Naazim) Administrator; manager. m
Naazhir (Naazir) Spectator; seer. m
Nabeel Handsome; intelligent; dexterous; one who is skilled in archery. m
Nadeem Friend; colleague. m
Nadheer (Nazeer) A Warner; a courtier; title of the Holy Prophet. m
Naraasat Precariousness. m
Nafees Precious; choice; noble. m
Najeeb Excellent; noble; generous; praiseworthy; of noble family, honorable. m
Najeed Brave; lion; a person who does such deeds which other could not do. m
Najm Star; a planet; suitable name Muhammad Najm; Najmuddin; Najmulhasan. m
Naqeeb A leader; guide; director; chairman; dean; principle; president; corporation, lawyer. m
Naqi Pure; clean; clear; limpid. m
Naseem Air; breeze. m
Naseer A helper; a friend; name of a Sahabi. m
Nashaat Joy; pleasure; cheerfulness; sprightliness. m
Nasr Help. m
Naweed (Persian) Good news; glad tidings. m
Nawfal Generous, guide, leader. Name of a Sahabi. m
Nazaakat Delicacy; neatness; elegance; politeness; softness. m
Nazheef (Nazeef) Clean; neat; chaste. m
Nazheer (Nazeer) Example; instance; precedent. m
Nihaal (Persian) A young; planet; pleased; happy; prosperous. m
Nithaar (Nisaar) Scattering; throwing; strewing; dispersion; sacrifice; money which is thrown to the poor people on festive occasions. m
Niyaaz (Persian) Supplication; a thing dedicated; an offering; acquaintance; meeting. m
Nizhaam (Nizaam) System; rule. m
Nuh Name of a well-known Prophet of Allah Almighty. m
Noor Light; splendor. m
Noshaad (Persian) Happy. m
Nu'maan Blood, Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr. m