Boy Names

Name Meaning Gender
Waa'izh (Waa'iz) A preaclier; an adviser; a teacher; a monitor. m
Waabisah Name of a distinguished Sahabi. m
Waahid One; without partner; unique; an attribute applied to Allah Almighty. m
Waajid One whose wants are satistled; wealthy; a Iover or beloved. m
Waali The Governor; He who directs; manages; conducts; governs; measures. m
Waaqif Acquainted; aware of; experienced; conversant with; knowing; learned; sensible. m
Waarid Coming; arriving; approaching; alighting; descending; happening; being present. m
Waarith (Waaris) An heir; a master; a lord; an owner; a successor; The Supreme inheritor. m
Waasi' Ample; wide; One who has abundance (of everything) Allah's attribute; m
Waasif Describing. m
Waasil Joined; connected; coupled; arrived. m
Waathiq (Waasiq) Strong, firm; binding; confident; secure; confiding; name of a caliph of Islam. m
Waddood Friend; companion; beloved; Allahs attribute. Name Abdul Wadod. m
Wahaab Gift; name of a Sahabi. m
Wahbaan Gift. Name of a Sahabi. m
Waheed Unique; singular; unparalleled; alone. m
Wahhaaj Shinning; illuminated. m
Wajaahat High position; dignity; comeliness; respect; respectability; appearance; aspect. m
Wajeeh Of a good appearance; handsome, respectable. m
WakaaIat Leadership; advocacy; attorney ship; embassy; agency; commission. m
Wakee' Strong. Name of the teacher of Imam Shaafi'i. m
Wakeel The Trustee; He who provides a means to solve all problems in the best way. m
Waleed New bom baby. Name of a caliph of Islam. m
Waliyy The Protecting friend. m
Waqaar Dignity; grace. m
Warqah Related to the leaf of tree. Name of a Sahabi (RA). m
Waseef Servant; page. m
Waseem Of a fine countenance; handsome. m
Wasiyy An executor; administrator (of a will); preceptor. m
Wazeer A minister of state m
Wilaayat An inhabited country; dominion; a foreign country; abroad; realm; possession; being master of anything; sovereignty; control; government;jurisdiction; guardianship; friendship; union (specially with God); sanctity; prophecy. m
Wuhaib A gift. m